Combining a classically trained musician's ear with street-wise sonic sensibilities and an audio engineer's perfectionism, Goulet has managed to produce some of the most interesting beats to date for Revolutionary Music. Aside from being a phenomenal bass player and pianist, Goulet's DJ skills and production techniques are undeniably razor-sharp and innovative due to his genuine love for music.

Originally from Nowhere-In-Particular, Goulet grew up in a musically inclined household. His father is a conductor, his mother a classical musician, and his younger brother a top New York Jazz trombonist. He played in several bands during his formative years from high school through college and developed a passion for electronic music while learning digital editing and production. His knowledge of studio recording and production is equally impressive. Goulet has worked with dozens of various regional bands in the studio as an Audio Engineer and acted as a Producer on the artist's albums.