Sista Stroke

Blessed with natural musical talent and driven by the need to be heard, Sista Stroke has become an emerging force in modern underground music. Her musical roots run deep and reach across genres and geography.  She is currently based in London, and has called cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and San Antonio home.  The rich cultural textures of these cities reverberate in her music.

Sista Stroke came up musically as a member of the legendary Rebel Crew, a musical family founded in Houston in the mid 80s by Joe B. and Rick Partida. As part of the Rebel Crew she played styles ranging from hip hop to dance hall, jungle to jazz, and breaks to house.  Her sound has always been anchored in soulful music. Her skills did not go unnoticed. In virtually no time she developed a hardcore fan base in cities around the United States, U.K., Europe and Mexico.  She has shared the stage with living legends such as Afrika Bambaattaa, The Executioners, Tortured Soul, King Britt, Derrick Carter, Joey Beltram, Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, Method Man, Boo Williams, Mark Farina, Kaskade, and Super Jane (Lady D, Colette, Dayhota, and DJ Heather).