Here To Stay - Sista Stroke vs. Soul Jay

Here To Stay - Sista Stroke vs. Soul Jay

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Soul Jay is a dj/producer specialising in purely classic high quality groove infected House music for DJs, clubs and lovers of House music the world over.

Soul Jay (James Gray) has experience in djing and electronic production going back to 1997 in which time he has played in bars and clubs across his native London but also Bristol, Aberdeen Budapest and Chicago alongside DJs such as Deekline, the Dreem Teem, Double G, EZ and more recently the Quirk Burglars, the Littlemen, Lil' Mark and Giom.

Sista Stoke - An accomplished drummer, pianist, and producer, Sista Stroke discovered her musical niche where she can truly explore the depths of her creativity and took her passion for soulful sound to the next level. Over the past thirteen years she has released original works and remixes ranging from House to Hip Hop to down-tempo on Mother Tongue, D’Lectable Records, Privat Box Music, Dusttrax, Hook-Up Tunes, Klassik Fiasco, House Sound of LA, and Revolutionary Music, along with some of the most sought after white labels in the industry. Through persistence in her original creations and remix work, Sista Stroke has made a name for herself in underground music.

Sista Stroke currently hosts her successful weekly Freak Freely Fridays show to syndication on Amsterdam’s Most Wanted, establishing her global brand through her infectious motto, “Freak Freely”.

Karina Nistal - Singer/songwriter Karina Nistal is known to align herself with diverse and solid collaborations to showcase her extensive range. Her work consists of emotive jazz vocals on downtempo tracks, rapping in Spanish for the worldly sounds of reggaeton, or fusing soulful Latin vocals with lively dance music. Most significantly, it is a vibrant charisma that carries over her poetic musings in either English or Spanish, or her self-assured flirtatious rhymes. There's a very fine line between poetry and rap, but it's one that only Karina interconnects with finesse.

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